‘He utilized me personally as being A Bank’: Stories of Foreign Women Married to Egyptian guys

‘He utilized me personally as being A Bank’: Stories of Foreign Women Married to Egyptian guys

In terms of intercultural marriages and relationships, the equation seldom involves a union between two people, most of the time, it represents the merger of two various countries. Whenever two countries come together, there could be challenges that are significant few must face, from contrasting behavioral habits, values and thinking, lifestyle, and interaction problems.

For international ladies marrying Egyptian males, there’s also worries of exploitation and getting used as being a wife’ that is‘temporary. In accordance with a study by Dr. Izat Ashmawi, mind associated with the research division on human being trafficking within the Ministry of Family and Population in Cairo, lots of young men that are egyptian international feamales in purchase to flee poverty by emigration or as a result of too little marital needs. In case of breakup, some of those women can be frequently ignored and never given their complete liberties, which stresses the need for these marriages to be better regulated.

Which is not to state that there aren’t effective types of intercultural marriages away from that range, or that racist stereotypes of Egyptian and Arab guys are real.

Egyptian roads talks to five international females and delves to their tales, their successes, and struggles in navigating romantic participation with Egyptian males.


Growing up in Egypt, being a young woman, Amanda* initially didn’t have a bad impression of Egyptian men, it wasn’t until she hit puberty that her views changed . When she completely matured, she started to experience intimate harassment and groping without consent.

“Once we began dating, it might constantly boil to 1 issue that is major the fact that foreign women can be constantly prepared to spread their feet for almost any man that slightly sweet speaks all of them with minimal work,” Amanda* claims. (suite…)